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Provide educational materials, with the instrument of Internet to the people of Baluchistan and world. Our resources are available 24 hours day 7 days a week. Anyone with an open mind could learn and have success in life.


Our Approach

Culture, Language and Civilization could be a huge learning curve but with technology, thoughtfully implemented here to teach you about our geopolitical situation. Speak the truth about geopolitical structure of the Middle East!


Our Outlook

Baluchistan Network was founded of Education, Science, Art, Poetry and appreciation of Basic Human Rights since 1993, it was the 1st Baluchi website on the World Wide Web to extended the peoples knowledge about Baluchistan and experiences beyond the limitations people suffered.

Baluch Nation


The People of Baluchistan have suffered great tyranny and hopelessness in the past; today there is great hope at the end of a very dark tunnel. People of Baluchistan are no longer ignored, it’s time to further unite, stand for Baluchistan as one force; no power on earth could change Baluchistan in the past and there is no reason they could do it now! It is time for Baluch Nation and neighboring oppressed Nations stand-up for liberty, the world will stand with you. In this century our thinking, our way of life and our communications have evolved, it’s time to defend our lands, our way of life and who we are is our mission!


People of Baluchistan are known as Baluch, the National language is called “Baluchi”, and our second military and home language is called “Brahui”. The word “Baluch” historically means “Crown”, “تاج”,” or “Crown of Divine”. The reason is greatness of Baluch. Today, Baluch means: MODEST, OBSERVANT, MIGHTY, CAPABLE, DEVOTED, CUNNING and LOYAL to Baluch Nation. The  Baluch CIVILIZATION of Mehrgarh is one of the greatest discoveries dating back (pre-7000-5500BCE) or longer. Baluch history consists of many factual tales, a martial race by birth disciplined to respect and honor with a secular-mindset extremely non-violent. Baluch have traveled & conquered the subcontinent all the way to the Albanian Alps, to Aleppo in Syria, Egypt and were the Honor of Babylon empire whereas the Babylonian King was named “Belus, Baluch” in the honor of Baluch. The Baluchi language is very different today from the language spoken 5,000 to10, 000 years ago, the closest resemblance of old version of Baluchi which is spoken in tribal areas in Baluchistan where the language got somewhat preserved.


Baluchistani are those who migrated to Baluch land for safety, security or trade and commerce. Baluchistanis are Sindhi, Pashtu Refugees in the north, Afghan, Arabs, Portuguese, Africans, Farsi with respect speak their own languages at home and proudly speak Baluchi. Evermore, there is a huge learning opportunity in knowing that many languages come from the Baluchi language which are: FARSI, DARI,  PASHTU, SINDHI and ARABIC, and including KURDISH, HEBREW and some other languages not mentioned here.


Baluchistan Population

Population of entire country of Baluchistan calculated.

Million | Oman, Arabian Gulf, Africa, Europe and Americas

Million | East Baluchistan

Million | West Baluchistan

Million | North & Far North

King of Baluchistan

His Majesty King Suleman Dawood the Great, is the 35th King of Baluchistan. Currently lives in exile.  He has directly engaged himself to protect his people in Greater Baluchistan from tyrants invading forces. The meaning of his name comes from Suleiman the Magnificent, who became a prominent monarch of the 16th-century Europe. presiding over the apex of the Ottoman Empire’s economic, military and political power!.  


From Jeeropt Baluchistan, BeerJant, Gambaran, Dozaap, to Kollanchi and Shaal Baluchistan. It’s the land of the brave, the amazing and great Baluch people.

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