Government in exile
FROM 1962-2006


Government of Baluchistan in Exile came to an END in 2006, it was operated by a group of highly motivated rational Sarmachars from 1962 to Feb 2006. When the last founding father of the government suffered martyrdom, the government was fully dissolved. 

Current BPC Govt. in Exile: 

The current government of Exile operated by BPC avows it runs on founding fathers’ propositions. That may be true to some extent but current BPC government in exile has not a thing to do with the old government. We candidly believe the current Govt. is created in superior faith but its mission is different and that’s okay.

Does Baluchistan.Net have anything to do with new Govt. In Exile?

Not at all (Negative), Baluchistan.Net is an independent operator of Information & Technology! It has not a thing to do with any governments in exile.  

We are not going to deny it! Dorra Rind Baluch was a legend, people could use his name or could go ahead and create governments or parties to relate a continuation of the old government of Baluchistan in Exile but in the fullest context of the matter, after giving it much thought and observation and after meeting with the leader of BPC, let me assure you; we all fight a common goal, our wishes are the same and we respect any efforts against evil regimes but we respectfully decline the invitation at this time.  

As a brave Nation our common goal is independence of our country Baluchistan. With that in mind, we all fight battles, I would like everyone to recognize that Baluchistan.Net is not affiliated with the current government in exile.

At Baluchistan.Net we promise you that the current Govt. in Exile by BPC is not a continuation of the old one government of Baluchistan in Exile. The old govt. of Baluchistan in Exile was fully dissolved, all supporting member countries were notified of end of its cycle.

We officially and respectfully span Dr. Dorra Baluch from the current Govt. in Exile operated by BPC with wholeheartedness! We wish the current Govt. in Exile prosperity and triumph!

In the end of the day, our approach is different, our goal of achieving freedom of Baluchistan and methods are completely very different but destination is the same.

Government of Baluchistan in Exile – Dissolved (Ended)

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